About Us

Shawnn and Amy became interested in CBD to help relieve some health problems. We were amazed to find the vast differences in CBD! Since, CBD has became the newest craze; many people have decided to join the craze just to make a “quick buck” With this mentality comes those companies that put 20% CBD in to their product and 80% fillers. We wanted our products to be effective and potent enough to help our clients. That is why we chose the manufacturer that we did. Our products are 80% and higher of actual CBD within each one of our products. That includes the tincture, gummies and soft gels.

We encourage anyone interested in taking CBD for any reason to do their research. Make sure you find a product that has at least 80% potency or sometimes “efficacy” is the word used. If you have tried CBD in the past and it did not work please do not believe that CBD just doesn’t work for you maybe, you have tried a lower potency product and need to try another company.

As always we are here for any of your CBD needs. Please feel free to call our number and ask any questions you would like about us, our company, and our products. We know our products are superior, we hope you will find out soon!